VoyaGo & VoyaCliq


Ever wondered what your perfect trip would be?

While destinations, experiences, meals and accommodation play a key role, most conventional travel experiences are cut from the same cloth. We aim to break this traditional mold with our new, state-of-the-art travel tool.

Integrating a unique mapping system that crafts a personal profile matching your travel interests and preferences, VoyaGo makes your travel experiences truly yours.

Do you wish for total seclusion at resorts? Are you fashion-focused during your excursions or are you driven by high-intensity experiences? VoyaGo walks you through seven different travel scenarios, which map out everything from personal preferences to experience spectrums.

The outcome is an intricate profile that allows us to custom craft trips down to the experience, catering to your feelings, desires, and inclinations.

Click here to craft your VoyaGo profile and see what surprising journeys suit you the best.

We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to booking accommodation online. Instead, we’re sharing our treasure trove of amazing accommodation choices that we have grown to love over our years of travel.

Utilizing our interactive map, simply click the destination that interests you the most and navigate to our top-choice hotels in each location. You can explore, discover and book all within our integrated app. To add a bit more spice and inspiration, we’ve collaborated with writers, photographers, explorers, and other travel fanatics to share their most cherished experiences.

Explore VoyaCliq and fall in love with your new favorite destination and home away from home.