Visions of Arabia. Continental Crossroads

Dry, rugged mountains, sprawling desert dunes, pristine beaches dotting an immaculate coastline and nature presenting its most magical moments; majestic mosques, vibrant souks and dashes of frankincense perfuming the Arabian air. Oman beautifully captures the essence of the mystical Middle East, one of the most remarkable corners of the world.

Step out of the ordinary and embark on an eight-day journey through the heart of this sensational country. Four-wheeling dune safaris, sea turtle sanctuaries, Bedouin camping and grand accommodation all wrapped in one with a topping of comfort, class and traditional Omani hospitality.

Voyale’s weeklong retreat will have you relaxed, intrigued and enchanted all at once with stunning impressions of contemporary Oman and endless visions of 1001 Arabian Nights. Authentic, eclectic, invigorating and inspiring…the beauty of Oman awaits!

Istanbul quietly shuffles as the night slips into daytime. Vendors stir, conscious of the impending morning rush, lights flicker down ancient alleyways and towering minarets slowly ring out their hauntingly beautiful call to prayer. Somewhere off to the east, sunrise crests over protruding “fairy chimneys” casting its golden glow on eroded rock cities: the beauty of Turkey permeates every crevice of the country.

Sitting at the nexus of where East meets West, Turkey elegantly combines the contemporary touches of Europe with the traditions, customs and charms of the Middle East. Voyale has handcrafted an unforgettable 7-day journey through some of the country’s most iconic destinations, beautifully capturing the spirit of this continental crossroads.

Sensorial strolls through exclusive cultural locales, opulent yachting along continental boundaries, skyline sails over alien terrains and personal encounters with Turkey’s historic renovators… further enrich your life of travel with an indelible week through this jewel of Eurasia.