Venturing to Mongolia

If you can picture yourself cycling national parks, riding camels through barren desert lands, overnighting in luxury yurts and traversing Asia’s most remote locales, we’ve got just the destination for you.

Wedged between Russia and China, there is something about Mongolia that just screams remote. While we can confirm that Mongolia definitely offers remote experiences, we also have some amazing experiences and encounters that really bring the country to life. A cross between adventuring and glamping, traveling to Mongolia is a trip unlike any other in Asia.

Continue reading to see just what Mongolia has to offer Voyale adventurers.

One of the world’s largest and least-populated landlocked countries, Mongolia is as rugged as it gets. Lacking greatly in arable land, 30% of its population still lives a nomadic lifestyle to this day. Keen on getting a taste for some true adventure?

It all starts in the capital.

Ulaanbaatar is the entry hub for discovering Mongolia and offers a trove of attractions on its own. From desert dinosaur discoveries and walks through Genghis Khan Sqwonders cultural wanders and historical encounters, the capital is the ideal place to get one’s bearings.

Head straight into the seemingly endless “countryside” to further discover what makes Mongolia so fascinating. Explore the Singing Dunes and the mind-boggling Gobi Desert, one of the largest intact ecosystems in the world. Meet traditional camel breeders and ride camelback through the sandy abyss as ancient traders once did.

Adventuring continues into the mountainous region where destinations such as the Flaming cliffs and Vulture Gorge await. Discover endemic species, hike and cycle through the stunning Terej National Park, take an all-terrain vehicle off-roading or perhaps try your hand at traditional Mongolian games & pastimes.