Uzbekistan Silk & Spice

This month we wanted to share with you a unique, fresh experience in a totally alternative destination. Something exotic, something far off the beaten path, and something with a cool, cultural twist. Where did we end up? (Hint: Keep Reading)

Best time to travel: Late May to June

Offering a brilliant blend of history, culture, renowned architecture and strikingly cosmopolitan cities, Uzbekistan has a great deal to offer the intrepid traveler. In addition to its fascinating attractions, we’re also highlighting one of its most spectacular celebrations, the Silk & Spice Festival.

Held in the city of Bukhara, this festival brings back the golden days of the ancient Silk Road, when merchants from near and far passed through this 5,000-year-old region. Highly skilled artisans gather at this festival to exhibit their marvelous creations, ranging from ceramics and embroidery to carpet weaving and silk products.