Unveil The Mystery. A Synthesis of Extremes

The sun slowly rises over a dusty, quiet countryside. Street vendors carry their morning sell in bowls balanced atop their heads, fishermen row out into a lake’s placid, mirrored waters, and the spires of a thousand ancient temples begin to appear out of the early morning darkness.

This is Myanmar.

Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand border the country, but it somehow feels worlds away from them all. Floating gardens and traditional, open-air markets, monasteries resonating with the chanting of resident monks, locals donning the traditional Burmese attire… all with the spirit of colonial times still lingering in the air- Myanmar (Burma) is truly in a world of its own.

Combining adventure, mystery & uncharted corners with luxury, affluence and historic destinations, Myanmar is a country ripe with new experiences. Explore the streets of Yangon & Bagan in vintage coaches, take a private sail through the waterways of Inle, all while reaching your destinations safely & comfortably in your own private, chartered jet. When it comes to traveling Myanmar, Voyale believes the journey should be as unforgettable as the country itself.

Thailand: a country where style, luxury and technology cohabitate with culture, tradition and old-world charm. From Bangkok’s effervescent, buzzing atmosphere to Northern Thailand’s peaceful, secluded forests, the country is a place of extremes.

Live and breathe every aspect of this multi-faceted destination in a comprehensive program that evokes wonder, excitement and harmony all at once. Unexplored mountain villages, ancient Buddhist temples and a fully serviced stay inside a secreted Royal Thai Family home… it’s where grassroots and luxury [travel] coincide.

Whether riding horseback through the tea plantations of Northern Thailand, preparing meals with local minority village elders or sampling street food carts while “tuk-tuk-ing” around the capital city, Voyale promises the true Thai experience, delivered in an authentic & sustainable fashion.

Allow local experts, renowned Thai hospitality and an entirely personalized itinerary to make your experience in the “Land of Smiles” nothing short of magical.