Ukraine, Beijing & Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Spotlight On: Ukraine
Imagine classic Europe with a fraction of the tourists.

Ancient castles, bustling cities, breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality: Ukraine has all the traditional appeals of Europe with an added dose of authenticity that can largely be attributed to its lack of visitors. Recently returning from our own visit to Ukraine, we can confirm that the country is both fascinating and safe to explore.

From the capital of Kiev with its gold-domed churches (pictured above) to Carpathian Mountain trekking, beachside visits in Odessa, Kharkiv’s Square and the cultural capital of Lviv, the attractions of Ukraine are many.

Evasion Weekend: 3 Nights in Beijing and Beyond
Cruise the Imperial Waterway, discover Beijing’s attractions in a motorcycle sidecar and head to the Great Wall’s Huangcheng section for an unforgettable visit.

Sleep, dine & discover in style on this inclusive weekend retreat.

Shopping & Sightseeing: Switzerland & Lichtenstein
Experience the beauty of Switzerland and Liechtenstein during this short discovery trip. Combining a bit of sightseeing in Zurich, Lucerne and Vaduz with some worldtravelerspping, travellers seeking a classic European getaway with love this experience.