Discovering Tibet

The world has a handful of destinations that have beckoned travelers from near and far for centuries. Combining its fascinating culture with some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, Tibet is just one of these. A rich and globally-celebrated Buddhist tradition, regal and compassionate roots and earth’s most superlative mountain range, this destination has it all.

While Tibet has had a difficult recent history, travel to the destination is still inspiring. The Potala Palace still gazes over the city of Lhasa, monasteries still echo with the sounds of Tibetan Buddhist chanting and the countryside is still as beautiful (yet extreme) as ever. Our journeys to Tibet cover the destination’s striking range of offerings, from natural beauty and cultural charm to spiritual wonders. Peruse our variety of offerings or reach out to our team to craft a truly customized journey that you’ll not soon forget.

From Xining to Lhasa, take an overnight train to arrive into the heart of modern-day Tibet. Discover the marvels of the capital from regal palaces to the historic Old Quarter. View snow-covered peaks and mountain lakes with visits to ancient Himalayan monasteries dotting the way. Interact with Tibetan nomads, soak in mountain hot springs and come face to face with some of the region’s most unforgettable cultural occurrences.

Similar to Classic Tibet, this itinerary covers all of Tibet’s most famous sites and experiences, from Lhasa and the Barkhor (Old Quarter) to natural marvels and the Tibetan Nomad experience, but adds in a few extra unforgettable encounters. Hit the road for the Pang La Pass where, among a number of other fascinating sites, you get the chance to witness the sunset over the mighty Mt. Everest… an experience that you’ll cherish for life.

Tibet is fresh on our minds as we’ve recently had Voyale patrons return from their journey with rave reviews. From the day-to-day adventures to the guides, drivers and special Voyale touches, our clients had nothing but wonderful things to say about their experience.