Tibet: Get lost in antiquity

Just south of the colossal nation of China lays a great mass of untouched and vastly unknown plateau, Tibet. While being one of the most unconventional travel destinations of the world, Tibet not only offers mystery, mystique and adventure but also bragging rights to whoever explores this autonomous region.

Tibet rightfully boasts itself on being the world’s largest plateau; it is also the world’s highest with its peak reaching a sensational height of 4000m. Between these heavens reaching heights is Mt. Kailash, a ginormous block of black mass that reaches 22000 feet. Located in western Tibet, the myths and legends that surround these holy mountain roots drags back to pre-Ramayana periods, with the most popular being Lord Shiva’s inhabitation.

As adventure seekers revere this legendary Mountain only with images on your T.V. or travel channels and documentaries, our 11 day trek and tour to Tibet and Mt. Kailash allows you to challenge altitudes of up to 5600m, while uncovering the legends surrounding Mt. Kailash.

While the thrill and adventure in your travel plan is remarkable on its own, there is a lot more on offer. Visitors will be escorted through Tibet where Mahayana Buddhism is conjured at its very best. The lavish monasteries and ancient palaces shamelessly showoff the masterpiece of Tibet architecture, giving an astounding feels of Tibetan culture and heritage.
This once in a life time unmatched and unprecedented journey is sure to be your personal best.

Best time to visit: May to October