The Ultimate in Winter Sports. Traversing the Trails of Uzbekistan

From the US to Switzerland, Austria to Japan, France to New Zealand… you’ve heard of (and perhaps even experienced) some of the world’s best skiing. With solid roots in Switzerland, we’re admittedly a family of winter sport fanatics ourselves. Sitting amidst the paradoxical winter heat of Hong Kong, we can’t help but dream of fresh powder and exhilarating mountain pistes…

Which is precisely why we’ve come up with not just an authentic winter getaway, but the ultimate winter getaway.

Located in the Russian Far East (connected only by a narrow headland), this isolated peninsula is home to rugged, feral landscapes dominated by active, dormant & extinct volcanoes. From October to May (March to April being the best), these volcanoes provide a truly superlative ski experience: virgin slopes, 8-10 meters of snow and spectacular runs, all accompanied by some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.

It’s you, your gear, a mountain guide, 2 pilots and an M18 helicopter. Immaculate runs, no waiting time at the end.

Are you dreaming of your winter wonderland yet?

Nestled in the heart of Central Asia’s “Stans” and one of the world’s only two double-landlocked countries, Uzbekistan is unique in every aspect of the word. History dating back thousands of years, kaleidoscopic cultural attractions, charming locals emanating “Uzbek hospitality” and globally celebrated traditions, this ancient hub of the Great Silk Road majestically retains its legendary grandeur.

Don’t know too much about the place? That’s because Uzbekistan is still making its way onto the world’s travel map. With a great deal of ground work and first-hand contact, Voyale has crafted an unforgettable itinerary that captures every contemporary and ancient marvel this alternative destination has to offer… without sacrificing our signature Voyale touches.

The Hast Imam’s iconic Uthman Quran, architectural marvels of Samarkand & Khiva, fortifications that have seen the likes of Alexander the Great & Genghis Khan… modern day Uzbekistan is a veritable history book just waiting to be explored.

So if you’re ready to get off the beaten path and onto the Great Silk Road, prepare yourself for this bold adventure.