The Heart and Soul of Asia. Tranquility & Tradition

A Shinkansen soars along the Pacific coastline. Cherry blossoms erupt along concrete walkways where skyscrapers stand adjacent to ancient Zen temples. There’s no other country in the world where technology, development and the modern world cohabitate so peacefully with tradition, religion and ancient culture.

Tokyo represents the future of the country with its gridlocked streets, grand business development and innovative features around every corner. Kyoto brings visitors back to the ancient times with its tight alleys, Machiya townhouses, heritage-infused quarters and infinitude of attractions. Osaka sends guests into a cultural frenzy with its electric streets, modern sprawls and outrageous culinary options. It’s a small pocket of the country, however it’s a beautiful summation of Japan’s past, present and future.

Steaming bowls of Udon noodles, isolated urban parks leading to sanctified ancient corners, Geishas wandering sunny waterfront streets with wooden shoes clacking on the ground… Japan will not only meet your high expectations, it will exceed them and have you dreaming of the soonest date you can return.

Southeast Asia is growing to be one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. With beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, exotic cultures and ancient religions, the draws to visit are seemingly endless. With the growing ease of travel and widespread technological advances, however, many destinations are beginning to sacrifice their traditional appeal for the comforts and luxuries of modernity.

While Laos certainly can offer some of the finer experiences in life, it’s a country that has wholeheartedly retained its authentic culture and heritage. From the colonial quarters of Vientiane to the UNESCO-protected streets of Luang Prabang, a visit to Laos is a true step back in Southeast Asian history.

Monks solemnly walking the streets on their daily pre-dawn “pindabat,” boats tranquilly cruising down the mighty Mekong River, early 19th century temples & royal palaces leading the capital’s style…it’s one of the world’s most beautiful, laid-back countries with a natural charm that’s simply inescapable.

Join Voyale in a tranquil, Southeast Asian escape ripe with cultural excursions, ancient escapades and uplifting local encounters.