South of The Clouds. 8 Days of Inner Self

Colorful prayer flags flap in the Himalayan breeze. Whitewashed stupas dot the valley’s landscape while monks and saddhus silently stroll the early morning streets of Durbar Square. Locals hang their washing out to dry, uniformed children make their way to school and plumes of daily offerings reach towards the heavens.

While the country has been severely challenged by the 2015 earthquake, Nepal is anything but defeated; its spirit and solidarity are stronger now than ever. If there was ever a country that inspired self-reflection, spiritual improvement and social activism, Nepal is it; Voyale’s 2015 itinerary aims to cover all three.

Hands-on work alongside CNN Heroes, meditation in one of Nepal’s most well-respected Buddhist Monasteries; it’s the journey of a lifetime that can bring a lifetime of improvement upon those who are ready.

China (Yunnan Province)

Wedged between the upper tributaries of the Mekong and Yangtze Rivers, and the vast Tibetan Plateau, Yunnan is one of the most spectacular regions of China and contains approximately one third of all its minority groups.

Follow in the footsteps of Far East explorers, climb the altitudes of the Ancient Tea Route and meet ethnic minority tribes as you traverse the hinterland in a vintage vehicles and nestle in premium houses.

Seven days is all you’ll need, from the Old Town of Lijiang to the water carved quarters of Tiger Leaping Gorge, this fascinating journey is ripe with unparalleled encounters that have been experienced by few.