Sinhalese Dreams: 15 Days through Sri Lanka

Idyllic beaches, dense jungles, brilliant wildlife and cerulean waters; ancient kingdoms, Buddhist icons, a tumultuous history and vibrant contemporary culture. Floating in the midst of the Indian Ocean is one of the world’s most underrated islands, offering visitors an abundance of experiences that remain largely undiscovered by modern travelers.

Welcome to Sri Lanka

It takes some time to soak in all the marvels this island nation has to offer, so we’ve built a solid two-week itinerary overflowing with exciting explorations and unique encounters. Ever dreamt of life as a mahout? Come face to face with the majestic leopard? Crossed paths with the world’s most revered Buddhist relic or climbed a rock fortress carved in the shape of a lion? Sri Lanka has it all, plus a spectrum of surprises you never even knew existed.

Combining our team of local experts with signature Voyale touches, we’ve handcrafted the perfect guided Ceylon getaway for all types of travelers. Whether you fancy adventure, relaxation, culture or a sample of it all, Sri Lanka’s grandeur awaits.

Best time to visit: All year round