Salt, Sand & Antiquity. A Rendezvous with Europe’s Muse

Nestled into the southeastern corner of Europe, Greece is one of the ancient and modern world’s most encyclopedic destinations. The birthplace of modern medicine, western civilization and history’s most esteemed empire, the country has left an indelible mark on the world as we know it.

Navigate Greece’s antiquated attractions as well as its boundless natural wonders during a weeklong yacht through the heart of the Aegean. A private crew will take you through the region’s beguiling, azure waters where iconic island facades, serene seascapes, incredible on-shore excursions and exclusive local encounters await.

In a country so ripe with beauty, culture and history, Voyale believes every aspect of travel should be utilized. From a morning’s sunrise over the ocean’s edge to tranquil, late night sails under a blanket of stars, Greece will never cease to inspire, enchant and fascinate. Enrich your life with travel, surround it with splendor and experience the unknown… all while feeling peculiarly at home.

Art, history, romance, food & wine; it seems life’s finest elements have all conveniently congregated into one small corner of Europe. A cultural catalyst, renaissance muse, a trigger for the passions and guidebook to the classics… somewhere between the rolling hills of Tuscany and the cobblestone streets of Florence, Italy has become more of a paragon than a travel destination.

While the standard stops are always wonderful to frequent, Voyale has planned a more confidential visit to some of Italy’s most memorable destinations. Head beyond the crowds with private, night tours in Venice, dine on a Tuscan Palazzo terrace with one of Italy’s premier wine estate owners, visit the home of a world-renowned Italian fashion designer… this inimitable trip vows anything but the ordinary.

From first-class transport to experiences entirely inaccessible to the public, allow Voyale to bring you through a side of Italy unique to even the most veteran travelers.