Uncovering Raja Ampat

The western-most portion of Indonesia gets all the spotlight. While the islands in this region do boast some beautiful beaches, amazing cultural enclaves, world-class cities and ample creature comforts of the west, this month we’re encouraging you to go east.

Read below to discover what we, and many other travel aficionados, claim to be one of not only Asia, but the world’s most fascinating slices of nature. From dreamy dive spots to long stretches of pristine, remote beach, Raja Ampat is well worth the journey out.
We guarantee it.

Picture Asia’s most idyllic tropical getaways.
Now try and imagine these destinations decades ago, when the steady stream of travelers had yet to arrive. Raja Ampat boasts this undiscovered appeal, combining a true sense of privacy and remoteness with a state of nature that can be found in a few other places around the globe.

From crystal clear waters with beautifully preserved coral reef, dazzling eco-resorts and the breathtaking Star Lagoon to horse-eyed jacks, hunting octopus, tranquil green sea turtles and more… Raja Ampat is the dream destination for any paradise-seeking traveler. Just how unique and untouched is this area? Some of its marine life has just recently been discovered! Imagine what other surprises lay awaiting.

Jump ahead of the curve and find out what a true paradise retreat is really like. We’ve posted our most recent Raja Ampat itinerary here, but we are also happy to custom-craft an unforgettable journey that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you’re looking to discover one of the world’s most spectacular paradise retreats, reach out to our team! Interested in a totally customized journey? Let us show you just what Voyale can do!