Our Team

Arpasinee Semayai, Managing Partner Arpasinee combines a personal passion for travel with 12 years of global travel experience. Versed in both sales and operations, her well-rounded background proves to be invaluable with both clients and the Voyale team. She believes strong teamwork to be the foundation of all great success and is constantly developing to discover and accommodate ever-changing travel trends.
Rattanachat Chinsuwanpanit, Managing Partner Rattanachat honed her skills for 7 years in the travel industry as a sales and operations manager, building and nurturing core strengths resulting in an impeccable sales force. Her ability to inspire, lead and manage teams equips the Voyale team with the necessary knowledge and support to provide customer service and satisfaction that is unparalleled.
Chadaporn Viyaboon, Senior Operations Consultant Chadaporn comes from a diverse background ranging from hospitality and operations to management assistance. She boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of travel through Europe and Canada, with a specialty in cruises. Her skill set runs all over the board, making her an indispensable asset to the Voyale team.
Robin Wattinger, Co-Founder Robin has brought together the people, the vision and built the infrastructure for Voyale. Being an entrepreneur himself, he drives the company forward and always thinks about new innovations.
Bondan Aliano, Operations Consultant Bondan is the youngest in the Voyale team but plays an integral role in the support of operations. While a native Indonesian, Bondan grew up in Europe and speaks both German and Spanish. He has been in the travel industry for six years, and his current focus is on supporting the markets in Europe and Indonesia.
Neven Solidov, Web & User Experience
Fitra Lo, Data Management
Daniel Robbins, Travel Writer