Of Blues & Greens: Inner Mongolia on Horseback

In the cool, autumnal-like air of Xilamuren’s morning, you open the door to your traditional yurt. A sea of green waves below your feet, rolling to the end of the vast horizon, an ocean of blue unfurls overhead. Cirrus clouds wisp gently above and your hitched horse whinnies in anticipation of the day’s ride.

Welcome to Inner Mongolia

An eight-day adventure into the grasslands of northern China will provide beautiful insights into the culture, climate and landscapes of this pristine region. Observe age-old traditions, interact with and live like the locals, select your riding companion and explore the rolling grasslands in the most appropriate manner: on horseback. To ease you out of the Inner Mongolian mindset, a two day urban adventure awaits in Beijing with local specialists, luxurious accommodation & a truly classic mode of transport experience!

Whether an accomplished equestrian, first-time rider, global nomad or weekend adventurer, this journey into the northern reaches of China offers something for everyone.

Best time to visit: June – September