Nature & Tradition in Harmony: 8 Days in Ladakh

Have you ever walked the halls of an antiquated Gelug Gompa? Traversed the grips of Khardung La (one of the world’s highest motorable mountain passes) or savored the salty, unexpected flavors of gur-gur chai?

How about taken the early morning leap from the maddening streets of Delhi into a Himalayan high-dessert? It’s a change of atmosphere, altitude, and ambiance that simply cannot be put into words (so we won’t even try.)

Welcome to our next global adventure!

Our latest Voyale inspiration has manifested into a weeklong Jammu and Kashmir expedition— an unforgettable travel experience unveiling one of India’s most exclusive regions. Discover traditional J&K life with the locals, sample unmistakable Ladakhi flavors, visit 16th century Buddhist palaces, and get acquainted with the undulating terrain on a camelback safari.

From impossibly beautiful landscapes to the pervasive, timeless Buddhist culture, a journey into Ladakh helps awaken that ineffable sense of wonderment & awe.

Best time to visit: June to September