Jordan & Israel

Let’s face it. The Middle East doesn’t always get the best publicity when it comes to travel. We’d like to change that. This month we’re putting a focus on two destinations that truly stand out from the rest. A winning combination of natural beauty and incredible history… what’s not to love?

Best time to travel: February-November

Jordan: From the striking UNESCO-protected city of Petra and the lunar landscapes of Wadi Rum to the remedial salt waters of the Dead Sea, the Kingdom of Jordan has some fascinating attractions to offer travelers.

Israel: A country that needs no introduction, Israel is one of the world’s most fascinating, spiritual and historically significant destinations. From its cosmopolitan cities to its ancient holy grounds, this is one place that all travelers should have on their bucket list.

In a combined itinerary of 6 days, discover the best of both countries with awe-invoking attractions, unique and unforgettable accommodation choices and rejuvenating visits. From the carvings of Petra to the gardens of Baha’i, you’ll be amazed from start to finish.