In Style Along The Coast. Fire & Ice – All The Way South

Bustling streets, natural beauty, a troubled past and a promising future. Vietnam is a place of contrasts and variety. Explore it in style – together with local experts in art, food and history. Avoid the heartstopping experience of road traffic using your own helicopter charter (optional at a surcharge) from Hanoi to Halong Bay or your private speedboat bringing you into the heart of the Mekong Delta. Stay in iconic city hotels, a hilltop bungalow overlooking the South China Sea and a seemingly floating hotel in the Mekong Delta. Savour the moment and let life float by with a cup of freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee in your hand.

First reached by Roald Amundsen 103 years ago, join the selected few who actually got to the world’s most Southern point. You go deeper into the white heart of our planet than any other Antarctica traveler. First you take a private plane from Cape Town to base camp where there is the opportunity to mingle with explorers and scientists. You chose between relaxed excursions to penguin colonies to more adventurous climbing treks to previously unclimbed mountains (you even get to name them after you). Then you board a DC3 plane and fly in an unpressurized cabin straight to the South Pole. It sounds tough and we will not tell you it is a walk in the park… But it is a once in a lifetime experience and these never come easy.