Encountering the Prehistoric

Komodo: Exploring Nature’s Primordial Side

Nestled between Indonesia’s East & West Nusa Tenggara are the islands of Komodo & Rinca. Famous for a number of natural attractions and historical fun facts… these islands are best known for being home to the Komodo Dragon: the world’s largest reptile. Reaching up to 3 meters long and weighing in as heavy as 70 kilograms, these deadly creatures, locally known as ora, are about as close as one will get to the mythical “dragon.”

Beyond the Saurian: Discovering the Majestic Isles

This Indonesian excursion is more than just an exposé on the infamous Ora. Six days of snorkeling, trekking, fine-dining, resort hopping, exploring local cultures, lounging on one of the world’s only pink-sand beaches and luxuriously cruising a traditional Indonesian phinisi— it’s a multi-island getaway you’ll find nowhere else in the world.

Best time to visit: June – July