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Menjangan Island & Moyo Island

Extending off West Bali National Park, Menjangan Island is a small oasis boasting crystal-clear waters, spectacular diving, striking shrines and rare Javan Rusa, the island’s resident deer. Enjoy a luxurious stay at the nearby resort with guided visits to this stunning, secluded island.

Accessible only by air or sea, take to the vastly uninhabited Moyo Island for a truly unforgettable experience at the Amanwana. One of Asia’s most spectacular five-star ‘glamping’ getaways, Amanwana is the only resort on Moyo Island, offering a secluded, natural retreat unlike any other. Land and water safaris, idyllic waterfalls, cinematic experiences and much more await alongside this breathtaking Aman resort.


KAYAK through a lush maze of mangroves, enjoying some light exercise while becoming immersed in the exotic island landscapes

SNORKEL the pristine waters surrounding Menjangan Island, discovering the vast array of marine life that calls the beautiful waters home

VENTURE through deep jungles leading into blacked-out bat caves to discover just how remote Bali’s surrounding islands can be

SAIL the waters encapsulating beautiful Moyo Island for a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating tropical experience

GIVE BACK to the environment during your stay by partaking in the Amanwana’s spectacular coral restoration program

Hawaii & Shanghai

Spotlight On: Hawaii’s ‘Big Island’
Of all the stunning islands in the Hawaiian Archipelago, Hawaii Island arguably has the most to offer.

Whether a first-time visitor or a repeat customer, Hawaii Island (known locally as Big Island) is a fantastic home base. The biggest of the island chain and one of the largest in Polynesia, Hawaii Island houses everything from quaint island towns and exotic black sand beaches to breathtaking waterfalls and the majestic Volcanoes National Park.

We’ve crafted a spectacular seven-day journey through some of the island’s most celebrated corners, with treehouse accommodation, volcanic helicopter tours, night diving with manta rays, National Park visits and much more.

Shanghai: China’s Cosmopolitan Crossroads
Shanghai is the latest destination in our portfolio of quick, inclusive, weekends away. Embark on an architectural tour, sample the grandeur of China’s sophisticated side, rest up in the city’s best accommodation & get back in time for work on Monday… or Tuesday.

Ukraine, Beijing & Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Spotlight On: Ukraine
Imagine classic Europe with a fraction of the tourists.

Ancient castles, bustling cities, breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality: Ukraine has all the traditional appeals of Europe with an added dose of authenticity that can largely be attributed to its lack of visitors. Recently returning from our own visit to Ukraine, we can confirm that the country is both fascinating and safe to explore.

From the capital of Kiev with its gold-domed churches (pictured above) to Carpathian Mountain trekking, beachside visits in Odessa, Kharkiv’s Square and the cultural capital of Lviv, the attractions of Ukraine are many.

Evasion Weekend: 3 Nights in Beijing and Beyond
Cruise the Imperial Waterway, discover Beijing’s attractions in a motorcycle sidecar and head to the Great Wall’s Huangcheng section for an unforgettable visit.

Sleep, dine & discover in style on this inclusive weekend retreat.

Shopping & Sightseeing: Switzerland & Lichtenstein
Experience the beauty of Switzerland and Liechtenstein during this short discovery trip. Combining a bit of sightseeing in Zurich, Lucerne and Vaduz with some worldtravelerspping, travellers seeking a classic European getaway with love this experience.

China Shaolin Temple

7 Days in China: The Shaolin Experience

Shanghai, Xi’an, Luoyang, Dengfeng: Discover some of China’s most alluring destinations during this 7-day tour. From the contemporary offerings of Shanghai to the historic sites of Xi’an (Terracotta Warriors & Muslim Quarter), discover some of China’s most famous attractions.

Top the experience off with some time in Luoyang, where Buddhist grottoes and classic museums await, and a visit to Dengfeng, home to the iconic Shaolin Temple. Experience the mesmerizing motions and maneuvers of Kung Fu first hand with a (safe) hands-on experience.


Jewel of the South Pacific: A Getaway to Guam

Wedged between the US and Asia Pacific, the small island of Guam has a surprising amount to offer Voyale’s intrepid travelers. Three hours from Tokyo, Manila and Taiwan, this paradise isle is close enough to make in one day and far enough to qualify as an exotic retreat.

From amazing beaches, crystal-clear diving and historic locales to mouth-watering local cuisine, world-class golf courses and ample luxury accommodation, Guam has all the stops for making an unforgettable island retreat.

For inquiries, more information or to plan your Guam getaway, click the here.

Russian Aurora

Chasing the Northern Lights in Northwest Russia

In the far northwest reaches of Russia sits the port city of Murmansk, the largest city north of the Arctic Circle. With a home base in Murmansk, we’ve crafted a journey that sends intrepid travelers in search of the mystical Northern Lights. With a kaleidoscope of colors dancing before your eyes, this is one experience that must be seen (in person) to be believed.

Adelaide & Kangaroo Island

Spotlight on Australia

Getting Way Down Under: Kangaroo Island
Keen on a getaway to Australia?

This month we are highlighting the country’s third largest island: Kangaroo Island. Located off the coast of the southern city of Adelaide, this remote destination is known for its unique topography, beautiful flora and fauna, conservation parks, excellent wine regions and much more.

If you’re looking for the quintessential Australian getaway, this is it! Breathtaking landscapes from the inland to the sea, natural and historical attractions, a charming central town and wildlife galore- emu, penguins, wallabies and, of course, kangaroos!

People of the Forest

Borneo: 4 Days / 3 Nights with Orangutans

Borneo is a place of superlatives.

Split between three countries, it is the third largest island in the world, houses one of the largest rainforests on earth, and is one of the only destinations where Orangutans can be found.

Stemming from the Malay and Indonesian languages, orang (person) hutan (forest) quite literally means “person of the forest”. Being one of the world’s most intelligent primates, this name is aptly applied. Spend 4 days in search of the critically endangered Orangutan combining tranquil Klotok (traditional boats) and canoe rides, tropical wildlife trekking, and visits to nearby villages.

An Albanian Incentive Adventure

Towards the middle of 2016, we were approached by a group of friends and family with a request for a fully customized, comprehensive incentive trip to Albania. As no task is too great or small for the Voyale team, we gladly took up the challenge.

21 persons, 9 well-appointed hotels, English-speaking guides, a comprehensive meal plan (including “tastes of home”), international transport, and more. The trip concluded at the beginning of January and was deemed a complete success by all!

Malawi: The Ideal African Experience

Whether keen on visiting for the first time or ready to plan that next exciting adventure to the great continent, Malawi is the perfect destination. Known for its warm, hospitable locals, breathtaking landscapes, and exotic, colorful wildlife, this land-locked nation has a bit of everything to offer.

Among its most unique attractions is the Lake Malawi area. One of the largest and deepest bodies of water in Africa, this life-giving region houses a dazzling array of marine life, is bordered by stunning beaches, and supports a staggering amount of outlying wildlife.

Additionally, Malawi has its own great national parks, which provide the intrepid visitor ample opportunity to spot some of the continent’s greatest game, including the Big 5. Interested?

Drop us a line and we’ll reach out with a fully-customizable package, guaranteed to give you something to look forward to!