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Venturing to Mongolia

If you can picture yourself cycling national parks, riding camels through barren desert lands, overnighting in luxury yurts and traversing Asia’s most remote locales, we’ve got just the destination for you.

Wedged between Russia and China, there is something about Mongolia that just screams remote. While we can confirm that Mongolia definitely offers remote experiences, we also have some amazing experiences and encounters that really bring the country to life. A cross between adventuring and glamping, traveling to Mongolia is a trip unlike any other in Asia.

Continue reading to see just what Mongolia has to offer Voyale adventurers.

One of the world’s largest and least-populated landlocked countries, Mongolia is as rugged as it gets. Lacking greatly in arable land, 30% of its population still lives a nomadic lifestyle to this day. Keen on getting a taste for some true adventure?

It all starts in the capital.

Ulaanbaatar is the entry hub for discovering Mongolia and offers a trove of attractions on its own. From desert dinosaur discoveries and walks through Genghis Khan Sqwonders cultural wanders and historical encounters, the capital is the ideal place to get one’s bearings.

Head straight into the seemingly endless “countryside” to further discover what makes Mongolia so fascinating. Explore the Singing Dunes and the mind-boggling Gobi Desert, one of the largest intact ecosystems in the world. Meet traditional camel breeders and ride camelback through the sandy abyss as ancient traders once did.

Adventuring continues into the mountainous region where destinations such as the Flaming cliffs and Vulture Gorge await. Discover endemic species, hike and cycle through the stunning Terej National Park, take an all-terrain vehicle off-roading or perhaps try your hand at traditional Mongolian games & pastimes.

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Uncovering Raja Ampat

The western-most portion of Indonesia gets all the spotlight. While the islands in this region do boast some beautiful beaches, amazing cultural enclaves, world-class cities and ample creature comforts of the west, this month we’re encouraging you to go east.

Read below to discover what we, and many other travel aficionados, claim to be one of not only Asia, but the world’s most fascinating slices of nature. From dreamy dive spots to long stretches of pristine, remote beach, Raja Ampat is well worth the journey out.
We guarantee it.

Picture Asia’s most idyllic tropical getaways.
Now try and imagine these destinations decades ago, when the steady stream of travelers had yet to arrive. Raja Ampat boasts this undiscovered appeal, combining a true sense of privacy and remoteness with a state of nature that can be found in a few other places around the globe.

From crystal clear waters with beautifully preserved coral reef, dazzling eco-resorts and the breathtaking Star Lagoon to horse-eyed jacks, hunting octopus, tranquil green sea turtles and more… Raja Ampat is the dream destination for any paradise-seeking traveler. Just how unique and untouched is this area? Some of its marine life has just recently been discovered! Imagine what other surprises lay awaiting.

Jump ahead of the curve and find out what a true paradise retreat is really like. We’ve posted our most recent Raja Ampat itinerary here, but we are also happy to custom-craft an unforgettable journey that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you’re looking to discover one of the world’s most spectacular paradise retreats, reach out to our team! Interested in a totally customized journey? Let us show you just what Voyale can do!

Discovering Tibet

The world has a handful of destinations that have beckoned travelers from near and far for centuries. Combining its fascinating culture with some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, Tibet is just one of these. A rich and globally-celebrated Buddhist tradition, regal and compassionate roots and earth’s most superlative mountain range, this destination has it all.

While Tibet has had a difficult recent history, travel to the destination is still inspiring. The Potala Palace still gazes over the city of Lhasa, monasteries still echo with the sounds of Tibetan Buddhist chanting and the countryside is still as beautiful (yet extreme) as ever. Our journeys to Tibet cover the destination’s striking range of offerings, from natural beauty and cultural charm to spiritual wonders. Peruse our variety of offerings or reach out to our team to craft a truly customized journey that you’ll not soon forget.

From Xining to Lhasa, take an overnight train to arrive into the heart of modern-day Tibet. Discover the marvels of the capital from regal palaces to the historic Old Quarter. View snow-covered peaks and mountain lakes with visits to ancient Himalayan monasteries dotting the way. Interact with Tibetan nomads, soak in mountain hot springs and come face to face with some of the region’s most unforgettable cultural occurrences.

Similar to Classic Tibet, this itinerary covers all of Tibet’s most famous sites and experiences, from Lhasa and the Barkhor (Old Quarter) to natural marvels and the Tibetan Nomad experience, but adds in a few extra unforgettable encounters. Hit the road for the Pang La Pass where, among a number of other fascinating sites, you get the chance to witness the sunset over the mighty Mt. Everest… an experience that you’ll cherish for life.

Tibet is fresh on our minds as we’ve recently had Voyale patrons return from their journey with rave reviews. From the day-to-day adventures to the guides, drivers and special Voyale touches, our clients had nothing but wonderful things to say about their experience.


Four distinct seasons, fascinating history and culture, mouth-watering cuisine, breathtaking landscapes and, of course, incredible travel experiences. This month, we highlight the joys and pleasures of traveling to one of Asia’s most celebrated destinations: Japan.

Read through some destination highlights and get inspired for new journeys with two of our featured itineraries. Have your own Japanese adventure in mind? Reach out to our team, we’ve got you covered!

Best time to travel: Year Round

Japan is one of the world’s most enjoyable travel destinations. Innovative, accommodating and ultra-convenient, it offers a broad spectrum of luxuries and comforts while retaining its traditional charm and appeal. From lush countrysides, booming metropolises and quaint urban villages to its four distinct seasons, travelers to Japan will be treated to unforgettable encounters regardless of when or where they visit.

Gaze at the splendor of Mount Fuji, wander Edo-period castles, eat your way through Japan’s best street food and witness what makes Tokyo one of the world’s most mesmerizing cities. Explore famous Shinto shrines, meander bamboo forests, witness an unforgettable Sumo tournament or learn the art of Bonsai at the Shunkaen Bonsai Museum. These experiences and so many more help make Japan such a fascinating and authentic visit.

Allow the Voyale team to tailor the ultimate experience in Japan for you!


Best time to travel: September to April

Experience what makes India’s northwestern region one of the country’s most exquisite visits. From Delhi and Ranakpur to Udaipur and Jaipur, discover boutique luxury hotels, truly regal dining experiences, majestic temples, breathtaking hikes and unforgettable encounters.

Client Feedback from March/April Rajasthan Trip:

“Cooking demonstration by the Maharaja family – AMAZING family and experience!

“The Sunset Champagne Hike was super; great interaction with the locals”

“We loved the yoga class with the guru… an unforgettable yoga session!”

“One of the most wonderful moments was our contact with elephants while visiting the Amber Fort in Jaipur, as well as the BBQ dinner at the elephant camp in the evening.”


Fellow World Travellers,

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed it yet, but we love traveling Asia.

This month we highlight two experiences in Asia one that ventures into what many are calling Asia’s “last frontier” and another that spotlights a very special experience we hosted in our beloved city of Bangkok.

Best time to travel: May to June
Open only rectravelersoreign travelers, a trip to Myanmar is like stepping back in time. A melting pot in every sense of the word, the country offers a fascinating tapestry of culture, cuisine, architecture, and history that make for some truly unforgettable travels.

– Soar over hundreds of ancient temples aboard a hot air balloon
– Discover Myanmar’s countryside aboard a colorfully decorated ox cart
– Enjoy an exclusive candlelit dinner with views of Bagan’s famed temples

Interested in visiting Myanmar?
Reach out to our team and we’ll gladly provide any and all information you’re looking for.

Uzbekistan Silk & Spice

This month we wanted to share with you a unique, fresh experience in a totally alternative destination. Something exotic, something far off the beaten path, and something with a cool, cultural twist. Where did we end up? (Hint: Keep Reading)

Best time to travel: Late May to June

Offering a brilliant blend of history, culture, renowned architecture and strikingly cosmopolitan cities, Uzbekistan has a great deal to offer the intrepid traveler. In addition to its fascinating attractions, we’re also highlighting one of its most spectacular celebrations, the Silk & Spice Festival.

Held in the city of Bukhara, this festival brings back the golden days of the ancient Silk Road, when merchants from near and far passed through this 5,000-year-old region. Highly skilled artisans gather at this festival to exhibit their marvelous creations, ranging from ceramics and embroidery to carpet weaving and silk products.

Jordan & Israel

Let’s face it. The Middle East doesn’t always get the best publicity when it comes to travel. We’d like to change that. This month we’re putting a focus on two destinations that truly stand out from the rest. A winning combination of natural beauty and incredible history… what’s not to love?

Best time to travel: February-November

Jordan: From the striking UNESCO-protected city of Petra and the lunar landscapes of Wadi Rum to the remedial salt waters of the Dead Sea, the Kingdom of Jordan has some fascinating attractions to offer travelers.

Israel: A country that needs no introduction, Israel is one of the world’s most fascinating, spiritual and historically significant destinations. From its cosmopolitan cities to its ancient holy grounds, this is one place that all travelers should have on their bucket list.

In a combined itinerary of 6 days, discover the best of both countries with awe-invoking attractions, unique and unforgettable accommodation choices and rejuvenating visits. From the carvings of Petra to the gardens of Baha’i, you’ll be amazed from start to finish.

Discovering Malta & Gozo

Enjoy 5 days exploring one of the Mediterranean’s most picturesque and historic destinations: the island nation of Malta.

From the architectural icons of Valletta and the striking Grand Habour to the silent city of Mdina, colorful fishing village of Marsaxlokk and prehistoric sites of Hagar Qim & Mnajdra, there is ample to explore on this island nation.

Top off the experience with a ferry ride over to Gozo, famous for its great outdoor activities and striking landscapes.