Don’t Miss This Oasis in India!

Fellow Adventurers,
Because we’re in the business of discovering the world’s most unique insights, India has always ranked high on our list.

From desert kingdoms and some of the world’s highest peaks to holy cities and dense jungles, there is a seemingly endless array of offerings just waiting to be discovered.

This month we highlight one of the subcontinent’s most tranquil visits a destination and an experience that is simply unforgettable.

Pack your bags, this month we’re heading to Kerala.

Culture & Nature Galore:
Discover what makes India’s southern state of Kerala one of the subcontinent’s most rewarding visits. From the stunning coastline to culturally rich destinations, Kerala stands out as one of India’s most fascinating states.

During this journey, we focus mostly on the port city of Kochi and its beautiful backwater region. Spend some time exploring the unmistakable charm of one of India’s first European colonies, uncover the south’s fascinating arts & culture, indulge in the flavors of southern Indian cuisine and relax during backwater coasts.

Kerala’s backwaters are a series of waterways connecting the Arabian Sea with the dense jungle landscapes of southern India.

Discover stunning flora and fauna, witness locals’ slower pace of living and soak up the breathtaking surroundings on a contemporary houseboat during an unforgettable overnight.

Top the journey off with some R&R along Kerala’s iconic Marari Beach.