Private Villa Culinary Delights.

Bali – Indonesia
Stepping into your own private villa, be it directly by the sea or inland, offers you the amenities and services you are used to from high-end hotels but with a very individual and personalized touch. Each villa provides a dedicated concierge service for your daily activities. Of course you also have your own kitchen personnel that prepares local or international dishes according to your liking – any time of the day.

Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai – China
Fiery. Fragrant. Blunt. Subtle. Delicate. Food is never just about nutrition, it always tells a story about its origins. As much as the different climate areas in China have shaped its people, it has shaped their food. From the dry plains of Northern China to the mountainous areas in Sichuan to hot and steamy Guangzhou and Hong Kong. This is a story not just about food, but about China. Welcome to classic encounters in Beijing, contemporary endeavors in Shanghai and surprising finds in tucked away private kitchens in Hong Kong. One chapter is dedicated to the classics of Chinese haute cuisine, one to the hot & hip and one to those Voyale Exclusive spots that are neither but that simply prepare the most amazing bites and pieces in the Middle Kingdom.