Confluences of the Casbah: Five Days in Morocco

Northwest Africa. A region of the continent so dissimilar from its central and southern neighbors that you’d think it belongs to a different part of the world. Sitting at the forefront of this wholly unique corner of the continent is the kingdom of Morocco. A blend of Europe and the Middle East, mountains and desert, city dwellers and eternal nomads— Morocco offers a bit of it all, with an inhabited history reaching as far back as 190,000 BC.

Our newest adventure condenses some of the most sensational destinations, attractions, and appeals of this Maghreb Kingdom into an unforgettable five-day journey:

Brilliant Arabic culture, vibrant bustling souks, breathtaking mosques, and ancient Berber villages. Snow-capped mountain peaks, palm groves unfurling into 300-meter high gorges, profound canyon stretches and lush river valleys— do you know everything that Morocco has to offer?

We have organized an itinerary that samples it all, with visits to Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca, and over ten entirely unique destinations in between. A sample of the city, a taste of the desert, a walk through the villages, and a stroll through the souks.

Best time to visit: mid-March – May and September – October