Private and Beyond

While everyone likes a bit of privacy now and again, Private and Beyond doesn’t only reference the state of being undisturbed; it brings the experience to a whole new level. Hidden gems in places you’d never expect to look, entire islands booked out for the long weekend, impeccable personal service, open-ended, flexibility or well-scheduled itineraries… the choice is always yours.


Design and Style

When it comes to design, fashion and style, Voyale doesn’t miss a beat. Our multi-national roots have landed us a solid place in the fashion world, offering intimate connections with some of the top names in the industry. Whether you’re plugged into the latest cutting edge trends or prefer to stick with the classics, we’ve got plenty of inspiring encounters up our sleeve.


Body and Mind

Sometimes we’re in need of complete tranquility… while other times mental and physical stimulation is just what the doctor ordered. Our Body and Mind experiences offer a whole spectrum of encounters, from knowledge and skill-based travels to wellness retreats and all-out adrenaline-infused adventures. Allow us to bring your body and mind to exactly where it needs to be.


Authentic and Pure

How deep do you like to dive into an experience? Authenticity is a major factor in all Voyale experiences, however the degree of interaction is what greatly varies. From total immersion and a complete, hands-on approach to retaining comfort, boundaries, and remaining an observer, our Authentic and Pure experiences play directly off your interest and comfort level.


Fast & Furious

Testing the speedometer, learning to fly, shattering worries and conquering fears. Whether you’re keen on the Isle of Man TT or have a high-velocity dream you’re ready to make a reality… our aim with Fast and Furious experiences is to provide you the tools for taking it as far as you’d like, or to help you stay within the boundaries of personal comfort.


Passion and Indulgence

Passion and Indulgence: two words that can mean so many different things to the heart and mind. Sampling the finer things in life, daring to try new things, basking in opulence or removing the middleman and heading directly to the source. Whatever your take on the two are, we’re here to add fuel to the fire. No restrictions, just finding the best this world has to offer.


Far and Away

Arguably the most inspiring and rewarding aspect of travel is experiencing that which is outside our everyday life. Far and Away experiences aim to capture that feeling of awe and excitement by heading to some of the world’s most dynamic destinations. Whether you prefer pushing the limits and trailblazing new experiences or going off piste… with a dash of comfort, we’ve got you covered.