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Lunar New Year & Remembering 2019

Friends of Voyale,

As we near the end of January, the world settles into a new decade. Here in Asia, red and gold adorn the streets once again; telltale signs that the Lunar New Year is not far off. The year of the pig slowly recedes, sending the zodiac calendar back to the beginning. Shifting the focus to the year of the rat, we hope to personify and spread its positive qualities of success and sharp-mindedness balanced by content and peacefulness.

Our highlight reel from 2019:

  • Outdoor Adventures in New Zealand
  • Urban escapes to Taipei + Taichung
  • Cultural meanders through Kerala
  • Ancient strolls through Porto Heli
  • Alternative jaunts in Azerbaijan + Georgia

The year also marked the loss of Voyale’s beloved Florence. Voyale’s beacon of joy, Florence personified a life well-traveled and carried the flame of adventure deep within her heart. We celebrate the time we were blessed with her and continue on with the Voyale tradition in her honor.

Whatever this year may bring you, may you not lose sight of that which is most important in life.

Stay Bold. Stay Inspired.

Exploring The Crossroads of Europe and Asia

Dear Travelers,
This month we’re headed to the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Soaring craggy peaks, ancient monasteries, and medieval fortresses, Black Sea beaches, cosmopolitan cities- you can find all this and more in the fascinating country of Georgia.

If you’re keen on a beautiful balance of history, culture and the great outdoors, this mesmerizing country is the ideal visit.


Georgia sits at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, boasting beautiful Black Sea beaches, bucolic Caucus Mountain villages and a range of remarkable historic attractions. Whether you’re a wine lover, architectural buff, adrenaline junkie or just keen on new, exciting places to explore, Georgia is a fascinating place to visit.

Our 6-day itinerary covers everything from the Batumi Old Town, Prometheus Cave and a selection of ancient monasteries to a range of unique cultural attractions. Eat, shop and indulge your way around this breathtaking destination with our fully-guided tour.


Due to an increase in requests, we’ve hand-crafted additional itineraries to spotlight two other growing attractions in their region.

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan are rapidly becoming regional favorites, so reach us out to combine destinations with your journey to Georgia.


Thanks to our partners at Villa Song and in response to the amazing engagement we’ve received from our Voyale members, we’re continuing our monthly 2-night giveaway at Villa Song Boutique Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

This month, share with us your ideal travel destination for a chance to win your two nights at this spectacular accommodation spot along the Saigon River.
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Join us in New Zealand

Kia Ora,

We’re planning our next great adventure and it’s bringing us to Aotearoa (New Zealand).
Also known as the Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand is, hands down, one of the world’s most desirable travel destinations. If you’ve yet to explore this paradise destination, it should definitely be on your shortlist!

New Zealand is split between its North and South Islands. While the North Island has its own wonders to explore, this trip we’re making the most out of the southern gem. New Zealand’s South Island is ripe with incredible and varied visits, ranging from the revitalized city of Christchurch and the mighty Mt. Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak, to the exquisite Milford Sound.

Whether you’re looking to soak in the outdoors, explore the country’s cosmopolitan side, meander the lakes or marvel at the mountains, this itinerary has a dash of it all. Evenly spread across seven days, we make this week-long trip through New Zealand simply unforgettable.

With the possibility for extensions and personal additions throughout, we can tailor this trip as little or as much as you’d like.

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Giveaways, New Journeys & 50th Issue Celebrations!

Friends of Voyale,

This VoyaNews marks our 50th issue… and we’re really excited about that! We’ve been sharing our favorite trips and destinations, the most remarkable accommodation and inimitable travel experiences around the globe for over four years, and we have you to thank!

Your enthusiasm and passion for travel encourage us to keep seeking out the best the world has to offer.

As a big THANK YOU for your patronage, we’re offering a giveaway that one lucky Voyale adventurer will get to experience.

Win 2 Nights on Us:

In celebration of our 50th VoyaNews, we’re giving away 2 free nights at Villa Song Boutique Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

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Spotlight On: Taiwan (Taipei & Taichung)

Taiwan sits as one of Asia’s most unique, alluring, yet unsung destinations. The island was inhabited for thousands of years by native Taiwanese (prior to foreign involvement), resulting in an incredibly rich history and culture that is exceedingly different from neighboring mainland China.

Modern-day Taiwan is a blend of Chinese, Japanese, Western and traditional (aboriginal) cultures, which make for a fascinating visit.

Split some time between the capital city and Taichung for a week’s worth of exploration. From architectural wonders and mouthwatering food options to vibrant street markets, breathtaking hikes and stunning natural marvels, a week in Taipei and Taichung is just scratching the surface.

Don’t Miss This Oasis in India!

Fellow Adventurers,
Because we’re in the business of discovering the world’s most unique insights, India has always ranked high on our list.

From desert kingdoms and some of the world’s highest peaks to holy cities and dense jungles, there is a seemingly endless array of offerings just waiting to be discovered.

This month we highlight one of the subcontinent’s most tranquil visits a destination and an experience that is simply unforgettable.

Pack your bags, this month we’re heading to Kerala.

Culture & Nature Galore:
Discover what makes India’s southern state of Kerala one of the subcontinent’s most rewarding visits. From the stunning coastline to culturally rich destinations, Kerala stands out as one of India’s most fascinating states.

During this journey, we focus mostly on the port city of Kochi and its beautiful backwater region. Spend some time exploring the unmistakable charm of one of India’s first European colonies, uncover the south’s fascinating arts & culture, indulge in the flavors of southern Indian cuisine and relax during backwater coasts.

Kerala’s backwaters are a series of waterways connecting the Arabian Sea with the dense jungle landscapes of southern India.

Discover stunning flora and fauna, witness locals’ slower pace of living and soak up the breathtaking surroundings on a contemporary houseboat during an unforgettable overnight.

Top the journey off with some R&R along Kerala’s iconic Marari Beach.

Porto Heli, Greece

This month we bring you one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations alongside a truly superlative accommodation choice. If you’re planning a trip to Greece, this resort should definitely be on your itinerary. If you’re not planning a trip to Greece this year, you might want to reconsider.

Fellow Voyale travelers, we introduce you to Porto Heli & Amanzoe.


Combine a fascinating journey to Greece with a truly unforgettable accommodation experience. We’ve crafted a four-day itinerary that features a helicopter arrival, spa treatments, delicious food and mesmerizing scenery as we partner up with the Amanzoe in Porto Heli.

Enjoy a stay that combines ancient Greece with the contemporary splendor that the Aman group is so celebrated (and revered) for. From breathtaking accommodation to its own private beach club, you’ll be enshrouded in comfort and refined luxury from the second you touch down.

Pair this unforgettable trip with a number of additional experiences:

  • Guided archaeological explorations of ancient Greece
  • Trekking along Ermionida
  • Culinary-tasting trips through Nemea wine region
  • Interactive visits to Hydra Island
  • Insider Experience: dining with a local Greek family for a traditional breakfast

A number of Greece’s biggest attractions are only a short trip from Amanzoe, so you can combine any number of visits with your stay at the resort.

Questions about the trip? Feel free to reach out to our team and we will walk you through the ins and outs of the experience.

Israel & Jordan

Fellow Adventurers,
This month we’re putting the focus on a trip that (we feel) every avid traveler needs to do at least once in their life.

In one itinerary we are combining a Wonder of the World, the globe’s most iconic float, the birthplace of three major religions and landscapes that are quite literally out of this world. If you haven’t guessed it yet, you’re heading to Jordan & Israel.


Breathtaking landscapes, stunning accommodation, amazing attractions and an incredible amount of history and culture condensed into two small destinations. This is the trip you’ve been waiting for:

  • Experience some of the world’s most revered spiritual destinations
  • Float in the iconic Dead Sea for one of nature’s best natural spa treatments
  • Tour and spend the night among Wadi Rum’s lunar landscapes in an unforgettable ‘glamping’ experience
  • Meander along the wind and weather-carved walls of Petra during a World Wonder visit

…and this is only the beginning! Our itinerary devotes 10 days to maximize one’s time in this fascinating corner of the world. No matter where your interests lie, a visit to Joran and Israel is one trip that will keep all parties captivated and enthralled from start to finish.

Questions about the trip? Feel free to reach out to our team and we will walk you through the ins and outs of the experience.

Stay Bold. Stay Inspired.

Azerbaijan & Lunar New Year 2019

Fellow Adventurers,
2019 is upon us and we’ve been working hard to secure your top trip for the new year.

Cosmopolitan cities, breathtaking landscapes, rich history and ample opportunity for off-piste adventures, your empty calendar needs to have Azerbaijan penciled in.

Is it the Caspian appeal? The glistening streets of Baku? Could it be the call of the mountains or the uber-fresh scent of Azerbaijani cuisine? Continue reading to discover why we’ve chosen Azerbaijan to be our top recommendation for travel in 2019.

Before we jump into the excitement of Azerbaijan, we want to wish our friends, family and fellow travelers across Asia (and across the world) a very happy Lunar New Year. May the Year of the Pig bring you good health, much happiness, and an incessant itch to keep exploring. This zodiac year encourages people to utilize their energies and enthusiasm to fully enjoy life.


While Azerbaijan sits at the meeting point of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, the country is far more than a mere crossroads. The oil-rich Caspian has helped Azerbaijan develop into a striking cosmopolitan destination with a brilliant history, stunning natural offerings, and great cultural appeal.

We’ve hand-crafted an itinerary that showcases the metropolitan appeals of the country, sends adventure-seekers into the great outdoors, exhibits rich Azerbaijani culture and cuisine and reveals what life is like in some of the more traditional corners of the Republic.

Guided by experts and driven by inspiration all around, we guarantee you’ll love your time in Azerbaijan. Sunrise treks over Mount Babadad, culinary tours through Baku, vineyard and village strolls, fiery natural marvels and soothing hammam visits, there’s so much to discover in Azerbaijan.

The Year’s Close

It’s hard to believe, but another year has come to a close.

2018 brought some fabulous travel experiences from group jaunts through Europe and high peak escapades to adventurous explorations through Asia. It even saw the launch of our long-awaited VoyaGo and VoyaCliq travel apps, making your next journey more personalized than ever before. As usual, we’re all hands on deck seeking out the best travel experiences the world has to offer in the coming year.

For now, we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude for your continued interest and support in the Voyale mission to offer the best in custom, experiential travel.

Where will 2019 bring you?


Our most recent travelers just returned from a fully customized journey through Indonesia. Spanning Central Java to the cultural corners of Bali, the trip featured historic stops, volcanic ventures, UNESCO marvels and ample relaxation, topped with some of the country’s best accommodation choices.

Special Voyale touches were tucked into every aspect of this itinerary, from regal courtiers and reliable local experts to hands-on conservation visits and food tours held by nationally celebrated gastronomes.

As our guests so eloquently put it:
“The program was put together perfectly according to our requests.
The customization level was outstanding.”

Are you looking for an experience that elevates the standard concept of travel? Whether it’s an adrenaline-fueled getaway, a spiritual retreat or an opulent outing that provides the ultimate in luxury travel, our team is up for the challenge. Reach out with your ideas and we will come back with an experience guaranteed to inspire.

Back from the Mountains: A Himalayan Escapade

We recently arranged a trip for a group of friends that were looking to have an alternative adventure in Nepal. Combining a bit of downtime in Kathmandu with some time exploring the Himalayas, we arranged not only a spectacular trekking experience but also a spectacular guide.

Joined by Vitidnan (Victor) Rojanapanich, the first Thai to summit Mount Everest, the crew was accompanied and encouraged during a multi-day hike around Machapuchare, or Fishtail Mountain. One of the Himalayan high peaks, this mountain has quite literally never had a human step foot on its summit. Coming back from this trip feeling exhilarated, inspired by Victor and ready for the next challenge, the group decided to tackle even higher summits next year… Kilimanjaro perhaps? Voyale is already working on it.

Visit our Instagram account.

Are you looking for an experience that elevates the standard concept of travel? Whether it’s an adrenaline-fueled getaway, a spiritual retreat or an opulent outing that provides the ultimate in luxury travel, our team is up for the challenge. Reach out with your ideas and we will come back with an experience guaranteed to inspire.