Back from the Mountains: A Himalayan Escapade

We recently arranged a trip for a group of friends that were looking to have an alternative adventure in Nepal. Combining a bit of downtime in Kathmandu with some time exploring the Himalayas, we arranged not only a spectacular trekking experience but also a spectacular guide.

Joined by Vitidnan (Victor) Rojanapanich, the first Thai to summit Mount Everest, the crew was accompanied and encouraged during a multi-day hike around Machapuchare, or Fishtail Mountain. One of the Himalayan high peaks, this mountain has quite literally never had a human step foot on its summit. Coming back from this trip feeling exhilarated, inspired by Victor and ready for the next challenge, the group decided to tackle even higher summits next year… Kilimanjaro perhaps? Voyale is already working on it.

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