Azerbaijan & Lunar New Year 2019

Fellow Adventurers,
2019 is upon us and we’ve been working hard to secure your top trip for the new year.

Cosmopolitan cities, breathtaking landscapes, rich history and ample opportunity for off-piste adventures, your empty calendar needs to have Azerbaijan penciled in.

Is it the Caspian appeal? The glistening streets of Baku? Could it be the call of the mountains or the uber-fresh scent of Azerbaijani cuisine? Continue reading to discover why we’ve chosen Azerbaijan to be our top recommendation for travel in 2019.

Before we jump into the excitement of Azerbaijan, we want to wish our friends, family and fellow travelers across Asia (and across the world) a very happy Lunar New Year. May the Year of the Pig bring you good health, much happiness, and an incessant itch to keep exploring. This zodiac year encourages people to utilize their energies and enthusiasm to fully enjoy life.


While Azerbaijan sits at the meeting point of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, the country is far more than a mere crossroads. The oil-rich Caspian has helped Azerbaijan develop into a striking cosmopolitan destination with a brilliant history, stunning natural offerings, and great cultural appeal.

We’ve hand-crafted an itinerary that showcases the metropolitan appeals of the country, sends adventure-seekers into the great outdoors, exhibits rich Azerbaijani culture and cuisine and reveals what life is like in some of the more traditional corners of the Republic.

Guided by experts and driven by inspiration all around, we guarantee you’ll love your time in Azerbaijan. Sunrise treks over Mount Babadad, culinary tours through Baku, vineyard and village strolls, fiery natural marvels and soothing hammam visits, there’s so much to discover in Azerbaijan.