An 8 Day Escapade into Remote Nagaland

Nestled in the far northeastern reaches of India is a small state called Nagaland. Bordering Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Myanmar, this remote region retains a traditional way of life that has all but disappeared from surrounding states. With some of its quarters only opened to tourism in 2000, Nagaland offers unique, well-preserved landscapes combined with an authentic cultural atmosphere, similar to that other isolated global locales (i.e. Myanmar and Bhutan.)

After meticulous research and in-depth, on-the-ground trailblazing, we have hand crafted a brilliant 8-day itinerary that beautifully captures the essence of this remarkable destination. From wandering the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River and traversing Nagaland’s ancient temples & monuments to visiting scores of unique, tribal villages, this weeklong, interactive journey is a true adventurer’s dream.

In the proper spirit of adventure, surprises are pervasive throughout this entire trip. Did you know Nagaland is considered the world’s most predominantly Baptist-Christian state (despite its ancient history as ritualistic headhunters)? Did you know one of the fiercest World War II battles was fought here?

We’ve worked long and hard on securing this inimitable odyssey… and guarantee that it’s ripe with experiences you’ll find nowhere else. Are you ready to check Nagaland off your travel bucket list?

PS: The annual Hornbill Festival will be held from December 1-10; an agricultural celebration, indigenous warrior tribes gather from all parts of the region to celebrate in dance, song, and cultural celebration. While it’s a visitor-friendly experience, travellers will have to act quickly as the festival is soon approaching!