Africa’s Land of Superlatives. Total Satiation in France

A destination so exotic, so enticing, that avid world travelers can’t help but feel a magnetic compulsion to visit at least once in their lives. The landscapes, the wildlife, the utterly raw experiences- everything about it elicits the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world.

Standing at the forefront of Africa’s wildest locales is the newest Voyale destination: Namibia. Relatively untouched by the hands of modernization, this southern African nation offers a breathtaking blend of all the continent’s major appeals: untamed nature, vast, sprawling landscapes and adventures of all modes and means.

As a blood-red sun peeks over the horizon, your hot-air balloon ascends into the Namibian dawn. Rusted desert sands flicker with life below as unsuspecting creatures roam freely in their natural habitat.

Unparalleled experiences, unforgettable accommodation, a mystifying serenity… are you ready for Africa’s Land of Superlatives?

Embark on a journey to Western Europe that has been assiduously cultivated to cater to each of the individual senses. A voyage ripe with passion, indulgence & aesthetic pleasures, this 7-day French escapade encapsulates the beguiling essence of three of the country’s most alluring destinations.

Gallivanting through Parisian haute couture, luxuriating in Bordeaux’s finest foods & wines and easing into the Alpilles’ heritage-rich rocky plateau of Les Baux de Provence… it’s a weeklong jaunt perfectly manicured for oenophiles & epicures alike. With a measure of contemporary and a modicum of the Old World, a French getaway has never been so gratifying.

While the country itself is synonymous with superlative experiences, Voyale prides itself off discovering the apex of it all.

Join us in this momentous experience; grant yourself the opportunity to view Europe’s idyllic country in a different, more sumptuous light.