A Tropical Dive Through History: a visit to the Philippines island

When it comes to Southeast Asian holidays, there are many names and associations that come to mind. Tropical Escapes: the Thai Islands. History and Archaeology: Cambodia’s Angkor Complex. Culture and Beaches: Indonesia’s Bali.

But what if you want to do a bit of everything?

With over 7,000 islands in the nation’s chain, there are ample destinations where you can combine any/all experiences. Deserted beaches with unbridled views of crystalline waters, diving experiences with whale sharks and WWII shipwrecks, heritage tours, sunset sails, luxury stays and adrenaline fueled activities— they all have a place amidst the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

So whether you’re looking for a relaxing family holiday, a fascinating historical/archaeological adventure, or a romantic tropical getaway, our newest excursion offers it all.

Best time to visit: December to May