A Siberian Expose: Revealing the Territory’s Grandeur

When the word “Siberia” comes into conversation, images of blinding snow, horizons of ice, and unforgiving landscapes soon follow. We’re not denying that Siberia, which stems from the words “sleeping land,” is one of the world’s most rugged destinations… but we are eager to reveal its unbridled, natural beauty.

A total of 9 days will carry adventurers into five unique Siberian locations, commencing in Russia and concluding in the Mongolian capital city of Ulaanbaatar. From a rift lake that contains more water than the North American Great Lakes combined and rugged island visits that require leaving your baggage behind (literally, not figuratively), to traditional home experiences that provide unique glimpses into the Siberian lifestyle… this extraordinary adventure is one that can be replicated nowhere else.

For those still picturing a freezing blanket of white, worry not. This Eastern Siberian region is known more for its rocky outcrops, freshwater lakes mirroring snow-capped mountains, rolling green forestry, and quaint, traditional villages.

So instead of booking the same humdrum annual holiday, put Siberia on the calendar for 2017- an experience you can actually get excited for!